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A wisdom tooth extraction is a major surgery. Whereas, a wisdom tooth root canal is done to protect your teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. That’s why you need to take some precautions before the treatment to minimize the discomfort. And after the root canal treatment, you need to follow some instructions religiously for a smooth and speedy recovery. Let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’t before getting a wisdom tooth removal or root canal in Phoenix to ensure you have a smooth healing process.

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Before Getting A Wisdom Tooth Removal Or Root Canal In Phoenix

Discuss Your Fears With Your Dentist

Discuss your worries with your dentist. Only this way your dentist can make any adjustments to make you feel comfortable during the process. Most people get anxious during dental treatment especially involving wisdom teeth. Discuss your concerns with your dentist so you can feel calm throughout the root canal treatment procedure.

Stay Away From Painkillers

It’s important that you don’t take painkillers before the procedure to numb the pain as your dentist will need you to identify exactly where the toothache is located. Moreover, you will be given anesthesia before the root canal treatment procedure so you don’t have to take painkillers.

Don’t Take Antibiotics

It’s better not to take antibiotics before getting a wisdom tooth extraction or root canal treatment as it can cause adverse drug interactions. But if you are on medications and there’s no option for you to skip the antibiotics, then talk to your dentist. They will find a way to prevent adverse drug interactions.

Don’t Take Alcohol

A hangover will only increase the discomfort you feel after a wisdom tooth extraction or root canal treatment. So make sure to avoid alcoholic beverages so you can be in your full form to handle the root canal treatment and its effect.

After Getting A Wisdom Tooth Removal Or Root Canal In Phoenix

Follow Your Dentist’s Instruction

Right after a wisdom tooth removal or a root canal treatment, you need to take your prescription as directed by your dentist. Especially, you should not fail to take antibiotics in accordance with your prescription. Otherwise, your other healthy teeth will get infected.

Pay Attention To Your Pain Levels

Right after a wisdom tooth removal or a root canal treatment, severe pain is unavoidable. But it will subside more and more each day. In case you notice, pain doesn’t go away and only worsens over time, then you need to contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Don’t Consume Hot Or Liquid Food

If you take hot or liquid food after a wisdom tooth removal or a root canal treatment, it can dislodge the healing gum tissue over the extraction sockets and lead to bleeding. Since you will take painkillers after the wisdom tooth extraction or a root canal, you can burn your lips or tongue without realizing it. That’s why you should avoid hot and liquid food for 48 hours after the wisdom tooth extraction or a root canal. The root canal fillings are temporary, so you need to take care of your teeth after root canal therapy. A dental implant might be fitted if the root canal treatment fails.

Don’t Smoke Or Exercise

If you smoke after a wisdom tooth extraction a root canal, the healing tissue will not receive enough oxygen to heal properly. This will lead to gum infection and bone. If you exercise right after a wisdom tooth extraction or a root canal, it will increase blood pressure and can lead to excessive bleeding from the extraction.

The Bottom Line

Wisdom tooth pain may also come once wisdom teeth erupt. Partially erupted wisdom teeth leaves some flap of gum tissue to remain over the teeth causing pain. Whether they are the lower wisdom teeth or upper wisdom teeth, their growth may not have enough room causing some damage to adjacent teeth. Aside from root canal treatment, you will need a dentist to look into this problem so the right treatment will be administered.

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