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Most of us constantly seek a bright smile daily. It will improve the mood of the people around us, but a smile also has benefits for yourself. However, if you have yellowed teeth, you might be thinking of seeking a teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening isn’t costly compared to other dental services. Along with practicing good oral health habits daily, you can make teeth whitening results last long. This article will help you learn about the kinds of professional teeth whitening treatments and how much they cost.

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What are The Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Available?

Various teeth whitening methods are on offer by many dentists in Phoenix Az. Most professional teeth whitening procedures are conducted in a dental office under controlled conditions. Only licensed clinicians are allowed to use these professional teeth whitening methods. There are different ways to get that whiter smile by using these methods.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment:

In laser teeth whitening treatment, the bleaching effect of a concentrated gel placed over the teeth is accelerated by unique teeth whitening lasers. Though it costs more than other teeth whitening methods, it has the distinct advantage of providing the quickest results. However, the effects of this teeth whitening technique depend on the concentration of the bleaching agent more than the effect of the laser light. Some dentists won’t recommend this teeth whitening method for patients with sensitive teeth because of the intensity of the light.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment:

This teeth whitening method is similar to laser teeth whitening. Instead of using lasers, this teeth whitening procedure involves LED. Because of the lower light intensity of LED relative to the laser will take multiple visits to the dental office to complete the procedure. This process claims the teeth whitened by eight shades within an hour. Dentists considering tooth sensitivity will recommend this method over a laser teeth whitening procedure.

UV Teeth Whitening Treatment:

Among the teeth whitening options, this is becoming less common because of safety concerns. UV light can cause sunburn and skin cancer and damage the gum, cheek, and lip tissues. LED and laser whitening treatments are replacing UV nowadays.

Bleaching Gel and Bleaching Kits:

Dentists provide this at-home teeth whitening method. The kit consists of teeth whitening trays that are customized to fit in your mouth to provide complete coverage of the whitening gel. The cosmetic dentist, or any dentist, will make impressions on your mouth to give you a set of trays that will fit you. This method is best for people who can take precise instructions from their dentists.

Another Option: Take-Home Whitening Treatment Kits:

This method is identical to a professional teeth whitening treatment conducted in a dental office. However, instead of visiting the dental office, you will take your teeth impressions at home and then send them to the dental office. You will pick up the whitening tray later once your dentist makes them. The whitening agents such as a diluted hydrogen peroxide gel are safe to use in at-home bleaching kits as long as you follow your dentist’s instructions. However, it is recommended that you visit your dentist first before using take-home whitening treatments.

How Much Does Each Teeth Whitening Treatment Options Cost?

Professional Bleaching costs around $300 to $900. You will need about two to three visits with the process required to be completed at home. You can achieve professional-grade teeth after three to fourteen days after treatment.

LED Whitening Treatments cost between $300 to $1000. Teeth can be some shades whiter after the first visit. The best results require multiple visits.

Laser Whitening Treatments cost between $400 to $1800. Treatment takes around an hour. You can get immediate results on the first visit. However, it is not recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

Takeaways: We Will Help You Choose Which Is Best For You

At Dr. John Harman care in Phoenix, we are committed to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We also offer teeth whitening treatments and routine and emergency dental care services at an affordable price. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 602-840-5300 or visit our website at Dr. John Harman Dental Care for more inquiries about your dental needs.

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