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Most people consider wearing dentures once they are older. However, advancements in dental implants and dental bridges provide alternatives to Americans for getting a lifetime of natural smiles. The latest data shows that over 30 million Americans have dentures for several reasons. Many people have missing teeth because of a lack of oral care earlier in life. Moreover, underlying health conditions such as diabetes can cause issues that affect natural teeth. Despite taking dental care seriously, many people will need tooth replacement, and dentures are an affordable alternative to protect and supplement their remaining natural teeth and keep living normal lives. Whether they need partial dentures, complete dentures, or temporary dentures, there are different options for getting dentures in Phoenix that can provide you with that natural smile for a long time.

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Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures. One is removable dentures, and the other one is fixed dentures. Patients can choose between both depending on factors such as cost and the number of missing teeth.

Removable Full Dentures:

These are the most affordable tooth replacement options available for patients. However, wearers should expect that numerous adjustments have to be made over time because of changes in mouth structure. Depending on your age, dental condition, and other issues, you may need fewer adjustments after the first year of wearing these. If you have a dental insurance plan, the cost of the initial adjustments could be covered. Please make sure that you provide feedback to your dentist regarding the comfort and fit, as badly-fitting dentures can cause infection, pain, and bone loss.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are held in place by dental implants. However, at least four to six dental implants take to hold fixed dentures in place. This denture type is more stable than removable dentures, and the adjustment period is shorter. However, it takes time for the bone to heal after dental implant surgery. Because people opting for fixed dentures will require oral surgery, these may not be advisable for people with underlying health issues. Having fixed dentures are costlier, and dental insurance won’t likely cover the cost of this.

When Will I Need Immediate Dentures, and when will permanent dentures come in?

Whether after cosmetic dentistry or multiple tooth loss or extractions, you will first be fitted with immediate dentures. Your gum tissue will have to be allowed to heal properly and are out of shape for several months. Your dentist will advise you to take immediate dentures first to serve as artificial teeth for the time being. Once your mouth is fully healed, your dentures will be relined to fit your mouth’s shape. Only then will you be provided with permanent dentures. The main difference between immediate and permanent dentures is that the teeth look as permanent dentures look more like natural teeth than the replacement teeth used in immediate dentures. Though it will take several visits to the dental office, opting for immediate dentures first will save you more trouble than having to replace permanent dentures should condition in your mouth require it.

How Affordable are Dentures?

The price may vary from dentist to dentist. A complete upper denture costs about $1800 in Phoenix, Az. A full upper and lower dentures will cost around $3000. Other factors such as the number of teeth for extractions or preparation work such as X-rays (or even CT scans) will affect the cost. Most dental insurance coverages limit the annual scope to $1,000 to $1,5000. This yearly coverage may be able to cover the cost of adjustments. You may call us now to learn more about the price of a partial denture or a permanent denture set and the accompanying dental care required during the entire process.

Takeaways: We Will Help You Choose Which Is Best For You

At Dr. John Harman care in Phoenix, we are committed to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We will protect your natural teeth while ensuring that you will get proper care despite missing teeth. Regardless of how many teeth are missing or how many remaining teeth you still have, we will ensure that you receive the best possible diagnosis and care when you entrust your oral health with us. We will provide a thorough diagnosis for your overall health. We can provide the most value from the Az dentures we will offer you. We will provide the best treatment plan that includes when a partial denture is required and how to ensure that you won’t have any damaged teeth when you are in our care. We also offer routine and emergency dental care services at an affordable price. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 602-840-5300 or visit our website at Dr. John Harman Dental Care for more inquiries about your dental needs.

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